The study on the significance of biodiversity for Finnish food Industry


The food sector has a key role to play in safeguarding biodiversity and reducing impacts on nature, as around half of all human-induced nature loss comes from food production and the food value chain.

Biodiversity loss is a major sustainability challenge and risk that affects the entire food value chain. On the other hand, ambitious and determined biodiversity work offers new nature-positive business opportunities for the Finnish food industry, new ways to promote the competitiveness of the sector, and unique opportunities to contribute to building a more sustainable food system both nationally and globally.

Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL) wants to act as a guiding and unifying force for the food industry, also on biodiversity issues.

The study commissioned by ETL aims to serve as a study for the whole food sector and to support companies in starting off with biodiversity work by providing information on the key nature-related impacts and dependencies of the industry, the business risks associated with biodiversity and the opportunities offered by biodiversity work.

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Mari Raininko

Branch Manager

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