Resilient food sector 2040

Here is key EU targets of the Finnish Food Industry for the next policy term. Our goal is that the food sector, vital to society, succeeds and survives the upheavals of the world. The resilient food sector can offer solutions to major sustainability challenges and provide food security on a wider scale.

Key targets for the EU term 2024–2029

EU policy has a major impact on food sector’s competitiveness and chances of success.  Measures to enable companies’ competitiveness, innovation and growth must be at the heart of policy.

Resilient food sector can offer Europe and Finland

  1. Work and growth
  2. Food security
  3. Reasonably priced food
  4. Food safety and health
  5. A low-emission food chain

What we expect from the decision-makers?

  • Decision-making must be guided by a balanced coordination of the goals of food security, overall sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Operating environment must enable investments and growth.
  • Better regulation to ensure competitiveness and predictability.
  • Common goals must be set in the EU policy related to sustainability. Companies must be allowed to choose the best means.
  • The EU policies of different domains must be harmonised so that food production is possible in Finland in the future as well.

On the right you find more detailed information about our four main targets.

Growth and profitability for food companies

EU financing instruments, market-orientation, digitalization, export markets and skilled labour force.

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Competitiveness and predictability for the operating environment

Better regulation: impact assessments, national characteristics, growth and competitiveness, self-regulation.

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European self-sufficiency and food security

Responsibility of the food security, security of supply, critical infrastructure and ownership.

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Sustainability in the food production

Ambitious objectives, flexibility to choose the tools, incentives for promoting sustainability, consistency for reporting, promoting healthy diet.

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