A sector more significant than its size

Food industry is the fourth largest industry in Finland, employing 40,000 people in 2,600 companies. The industry has a significant indirect impact in employment: one job in the food industry generates three new jobs in Finnish food ecosystem.

Food industry key figures

  • Finland’s largest producer of consumer goods and fourth largest industry.
  • Turnover EUR 11.8 billion (2021).
  • Three largest sectors are meat processing, dairy and the bakery industry.
  • Employs 40,000 people in 2,600 businesses all over Finland.
  • Small-business dominated. Some 65 per cent of the companies employ less than five people.
  • The domesticity rate of food produced in Finland is high (82 per cent).
  • Value of food exports is EUR 2.2 billion and of food imports EUR 5.6 billion (2022).


Tasty food of high quality 

Finnish food and food products have many strengths.  

  • Products are traceable and of a high quality. Food safety is world class. 
  • Products are tasty, nutritional and healthy.  
  • Food industry companies contribute to employment, well-being and affluence.  
  • Employees and competence have a key role.  
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Animal welfare is promoted in many ways. 

Unique food culture 

Finnish food culture is a unique combination of Western and Eastern influences. Tastes change due to global trends, but some traditions live on – like rye bread, for example. The range of Finnish food products is wide. 

Member companies

ETL represents a wide range of food companies operating in Finland.

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