Research strategy for the food industry 2018-2025


The strategy is crystallized to the following vision: "Innovative and responsible Nordic food production enables a competitive food industry and consumer well-being, both in Finland and globally.

The strategy identifies four evolutionary forces in the food business environment:

  1. pressures caused by global warming and related environmental changes;
  2. increased environmental awareness among consumers;
  3. opportunities brought about by digitalisation to develop value networks in the food sector, production technologies and consumer-driven food services;
  4. development of new production technologies.

The objectives of the strategy are:

  • Raise the Nordic dimension by means of research into the competitive edge of the Finnish food industry while strengthening national food
    safety and self-sufficiency.
  • Promote intelligent and sustainable use of resources in the food supply chain.
  • Maintain and further develop food safety and contribute to the transparency and traceability of food supply chains.
  • Bring added value through research to the development of food innovations that support consumers’ well-being.
  • Maintaining and developing a high level of expertise in R&D within the Finnish food industry: supporting research and product development
    cooperation through the entire food supply chain, increasing the interaction between research areas, and developing high-quality food research environments.

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