Energy saving targets achieved ahead of schedule


Finnish food and drink industry companies have developed their production and operations with the long-term goal of reducing energy consumption and achieving energy saving targets.

The determined work and investment in energy efficiency is paying off – the industry achieved its collective energy savings target for 2025 three years ahead of schedule in 2022.

The Finnish food and drink industry is committed to promoting energy efficiency through the industry’s voluntary energy efficiency agreement. Between 2017 and 2022, more than 740 energy efficiency measures were carried out by the companies participating in the agreement. For the businesses, this meant investments totalling EUR 37 million.

On an annual basis, the measures will save 252 GWh of energy. They also reduce carbon dioxide emissions from production.

There is always room for improvement in energy efficiency, however. Achieving the target has not slowed the companies down, and there is widespread interest in using data and diverse sources of renewable energy and in the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in order to improve cost-efficiency and ensure the security of supply.

Food and drink production is energy-intensive, as many raw materials have to be heated and cooled. Energy saving measures are therefore often related to the heating and cooling processes of production.

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