Sustainability and responsibility of food production

Financial instruments are needed e.g., for new energy solutions, investments in machinery, research of new food production methods and technologies, product development and digitalisation. Food industry should be part of general industrial policy actions.

The EU must set common, ambitious targets for sustainable and responsible food production. The promotion of the green transition and phase-out of fossil energy sources must be continued. At the same time, the use of low-emission energy sources and the circular economy must be increased.

Climate and environmental policy must be considered in a comprehensive way. Decision-making and legislation must balance sustainability and competitiveness.

Companies must be offered incentives to develop sustainability and the innovations and methods that support this. Sustainability reporting must be harmonised to reduce the administrative burden on companies. This will leave room for independent development of sustainability work.

The requirements for food safety, the availability of packaging materials and basic functions of food packages must take into account when making rules for packaging. There should be also room for creativity and innovation.