Growth and profitability for food sector companies

European food companies need policy actions that boost growth and ensure profitability both on the Single Market and international markets.

Actions needed cover financing and legislation that enables R&D and innovation, market orientation, ambitious trade agenda, digitalisation and sufficient labour supply.

To ensure the growth and profitability of the food sector, EU-level funding is needed to promote the green transition, as well as RDI funding to develop new food products, food production methods and technologies. Food industry should be part of general industrial policy actions.

Fair trading practices and market orientation in the sector must be promoted within the framework of existing legislation, not through more regulation. The sector’s competitiveness in export markets must be ensured by placing the competitiveness of companies at the heart of everything in legislative drafting.

Data movement and the related rules must be developed to provide consumers with reliable and comparable sustainability information – both in Finland and internationally.

The availability of talent from outside the EU must be ensured, as the sector will not grow without people.