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Finland’s new government programme fuels optimism   


The programme of the new Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s government  was published in June. The Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation acknowledges the government programme’s commitment to strengthening security of supply, food sector growth and crisis resilience.  

“The government programme fuels optimism by creating predictability in the food industry’s environment and reducing the political risk of investing in Finland. Now it’s time for the government to take action,” says Mikko Käkelä, Managing Director of the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation.    

The government programme fails to provide the means to achieve many of the food industry targets. The programme’s letter and spirit secure the increase of competition, but the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation believes that competition must also extend to the food market because a well-functioning and predictable market helps protect security of supply.  

“I am pleased that the government programme emphasizes growth, reform and food exports in the food sector. The lack of resources for long-term promotion of food exports must be urgently remedied,” Mikko Käkelä says.  

The government programme clarifies Finland’s relationship with EU regulation and promotes regulatory development to improve the predictability of the operating environment.  

“The food industry is one of the most regulated sectors in Europe. Instead of creating new regulation, the focus should be on implementing and improving existing regulation. This would further strengthen food security and the competitiveness of the food sector throughout Europe,” says Käkelä.  

Mikko Käkelä

Managing Director

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