Food and Drink Industry

Tasty food products of high quality

Finnish food culture is a unique combination of Western and Eastern influences. Tastes change due to global trends but some traditions live on – like rye bread. The range of Finnish food products is large, and environmental and ethical practices are common.

The safety of products and the well-being of consumers are the most important things to the Finnish food and drink industry. Finnish foodstuff is produced with proficiency and high-quality technology. Selections include highly valued brands, seasonal treats and trendy new flavours for both everyday and celebratory occasions. Finland’s food and drink industry is among the best in the world in the development of functional food products

Key in­for­ma­tion

  • Finland’s biggest manufacturer of consumer goods and fourth biggest industry. The food and drink industry’s turnover is EUR 11.8 billion. The three largest sectors are meat processing, dairy farming and bakery industry.
  • Significant employer. The industry employs 40,000 people in 1,700 businesses.
  • Most are small businesses. Some 65% of the companies employ less than five people.
  • Reliance on domestic produce. The domesticity rate of foodstuff produced in Finland is 82 per cent.
  • The value of food exports is EUR 1.8 billion and food imports is EUR 4.8 billion.

Production also outside Finland

The Finnish food and drink industry has production or sales in almost all European countries and also in countries further away. The companies hold a strong position particularly in countries that border the Baltic Sea.


The Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL) represents the interests of the food and drink industry in Finland. Read more

Strenghts of the Finnish food industry

  • Customer and consumer orientation
  • Responsibility and environmental know how
  • High technology
  • Professionally skilled employees
  • Prevention of risks and traceability: self-monitoring and quality systems
  • Control and transparency over the whole production chain