Taste Finland

The entire food chain employs approximately 300,000 people, i.e. a significant proportion of the Finnish workforce. Purchasing decisions have a great impact on employment in Finland. If every Finn uses one additional euro each month on food products manufactured in Finland, about 1,500 new jobs will be created for one year in the country.

Taste Finland

Finnish food and drink industry

Finnish foodstuff is produced with proficiency and high-quality technology. Selections include highly valued brands, seasonal treats and trendy new flavours for both everyday and celebratory occasions. Food and drink industry is Finland’s biggest manufacturer of consumer goods and fourth biggest industry. It employs 38,000 people in 2,000 businesses. Read more


Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation has approximately 260 member companies and cooperation agreement with the Finnish Bakery Federation and the Finnish Meat trade Association. The activities of companies within the spheres of the ETL cover the majority of food and drink industry production in Finland.

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The Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation (ETL) represents the interests of the food and drink industry in Finland. Read more